About Anthony Zolezzi

There've been no accidents or mistakes, only guts and genius. Yeah, guts.
- The Universe

Anthony Zolezzi is committed to making the world a better place by celebrating the incredible and extraordinary people that inhabit it and creating cause based Commerce for them to prosper.

 Over the last 30 years, he has worked to improve our food supply through organic agriculture, supporting small family farms, and cleaning up the planet through recycling remediation businesses and initiatives. The last 6 years Zolezzi has invested in San Diego Biotech and Health and Wellness initiatives.  Zolezzi believes that people that understand how incredible and awesome they are will do what’s right for people and the planet. So we need to make sure people understand how incredible and extraordinary each individual, animal, cell or plant is on this planet.

Zolezzi lives today by 3 points in everything he does;

People are awesome and incredible and need to be celebrated

We need to provide the environment for these awesome people to work and live to high moral standards

Everything we do should have a major positive and sustainable impact on Humanity 

Zolezzi has spent his career creating innovative and profitable models for corporations and investment companies including:  PepsiCo, Uber, Sealed Air, Walmart, AeroVironment, Waste Management, Nestlé, Keurig, Pegasus Capital Advisors, and Continuus Materials (Emerging Infrastructure Fund). He has played a major role in six start-ups, leading all with a vision that supports the greater good through sustainability, health, and wellness.

2020 - present - CEO of Diomics

2019 – present - UxHealth, Chairman and Co-founder

2018 – 2019 - CEO, Twinlab Consolidation Corporation

2012 – 2018 - Operating Partner, Pegasus Capital Advisors LP

2012 – 2018 - Board Chair and Co-MD, ZeroWaste Global, Inc.

2002 – 2015 - CEO co-Founder BOD Wild Oats Marketplace

2008-2010 - Transition Management Clarence House,  Media for HRH Prince Charles

2005-2008 - CEO Founder Code Blue Recycling,

2003-2007 - CEO Founder Pet Promise Pet Food

1994 – 2004 - Founder Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

2001 – 2003 - Transition Management, Horizon Organic

1994 – 2003 - Principal, Agriculture Sales and Marketing, Inc

1999 – 2002 - CEO, The New Organics Company

1996 – 1999  - Transition Management, New Organics Company

1991 – 1995 - Turnaround Management, Meridian Products,

1993-1994 -  Turnaround Management Galletti Brothers

1992-1993 - Turnaround Management Bunzle PLC

1986 – 1990 - CEO Pacific Basin Foods

1977 – 1986 - CEO Trainee, Ralston Purina

Zolezzi is the author of seven books including: Uncharted Waters, Do Something: Leave Your Mark on the World, The Detachment Paradox and Chemical-Free Kids: How to Safeguard Your Child’s Diet and Environment.