I’ve been thinking lately about doing the impossible, which has brought me to the next topic in my A-Z series. This blog, representing “N,” is “Never Say No The First Time.” How many of you are thinking that sometimes you need to say “No!” to establish boundaries, for instance. Or maybe something along the lines … Read More

The Mindful Entrepreneur – Anthony Zolezzi spoke at the Ignite Conference at UC San Diego. He also led the audience in an exercise designed to help entrepreneurs be more mindful in their actions. He touches on the amazing entrepreneurial spirit in San Diego and how happy he is – as a San Diego native – that it’s … Read More

Once in a while I have to stop and check my “meaningful meter.” In other words, how meaningful are the activities I currently have on my weekly to do list? Many times I get to that point where I seem to have an overwhelming amount of meetings, calls and activities, and at that point I … Read More