How do you deal with life’s challenges? When I am personally getting challenged by life’s experiences, either through friends or business, I like to take the time to reflect and recognize how incredible we all really are. In these times, I look for inspirational stories to remind me that there are many people who overcome … Read More

After reading an article about Whole Foods employees looking to unionize, I had to ask myself, is the Whole Foods we knew and loved gone? The ethos of Whole Foods (like all companies, organizations and groups–even your friends and family) is about its people, their beliefs and values. That is the essence of any culture. … Read More

I wrote a while back about the idea that Doers are the ones that ask questions—and never give up until they find the answers that lead to real solutions. It’s one of the things that separates Doers and makes them unique. So this week, I want you to consider the challenges of adding a digital … Read More

If trust could be ranked on an index from 1-10, where would you be? Would you be above 5? Especially as it relates to the people around you, those that you interact with every day—your family, friends, and co-workers, what is your trust quotient?  Trust is the lubricant that lets you get things done. Without … Read More

As Doers, we are heavily invested in the businesses and causes that we champion. It goes without saying that we want to give our company and its employees the best chance of success, but how do we do that in a world that is changing almost daily? Being agile can help. Being able to move … Read More