How many of you are cruising through life, observing and advising, thinking that you are real Doers, when down deep you are actually scared to really commit to being a Doer? Well, don’t beat yourself up, it can happen to anyone… even me.  I want to tell you today about what has happened to me … Read More

There is no “I” in the word “team.” I bet you’ve heard this old adage before, and I think it is particularly important for Doers to remember. As Doers, it’s easy to feel like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders, that without you everything you and your team are working toward would … Read More

I wanted to take a moment today to give a shout-out to my friend, Adam Lashinsky, an author and Doer who has written a very relevant and compelling article on the epic struggle between Alibaba and Tencent. His article goes in-depth about the clash of these two internet titans, whose market capitalizations may top nearly … Read More

Life Rules For Motivation I love to find articles like the one I want to share with you today. I think this interesting article from Success magazine is important for all Doers to read and think about. 13 Life Rules To Keep You Motivated will not only inspire you, but also give you some perspective … Read More

DiaResQ On Dr. Oz HealthSummer is vacation season, and many of us will be caught dealing with stomach issues while traveling. It’s not just drinking water issues that might arise from traveling in foreign countries, either. It’s also issues that can come up when our schedule is disrupted.  So in case you missed it, check … Read More