Do successful Doers know why they do what they do? Whether personally or professionally, I think Doers know exactly why they do what they do. Doers inspire the change they want to see in the world. Doers seem to see a need, or a void, or an injustice, and they instinctively want to be a … Read More

I want to challenge anyone reading this to take what I am going to call “The Context Challenge.” Over the next few days, think about all of your interactions. Consider all your comments, suggestions, decisions, and conversations—whether actual conversations, or emails and texts—and ask yourself if you are considering your response from the vantage point … Read More

Innovation, especially innovation that disrupts industries, is pretty exciting and fun to watch. Innovation is such a buzz word in business right now, too. It’s taking place all around us. Yeah! I read an article in Popular Mechanics recently, and it got me thinking about all the inspiring and just plain awesome innovation that is … Read More

Everyone hits a roadblock from time to time. But whether it is professional or personal, a roadblock, and the inevitable detours that come with it, can lead to greater success. Doers realize that roadblocks are necessary for growth. The roadblock itself may not even be the real issue, but the way you handle it most … Read More

My mom had a saying, “tend to your knitting.” This seemingly simple imperative is something my mother repeated often, and it meant that I should focus on one thing, no matter how difficult and intricate. When disturbed, don’t stress––simply hold your hand on your last knot and when the distraction is over, go back and … Read More