Attitude, and the ability to overcome self-doubt is very important for all of us. But I think maybe Doers instinctively know how to do this. Doers know they are special. Doers know they are unique. I started thinking about how important self-confidence is after I went to see the movie I Feel Pretty last night. … Read More

I’ve got this vision in my head today, of turning on a burner on my gas stove top and the gas pouring out, but absolutely nothing happens. The stove is useless for cooking without a flame or spark. That made me think about so many of us who just need a spark to get things … Read More

I want to ask you a seemingly simple question: Have you thought about what you can do to combat the dark side, or negativity, of the current social media landscape? Or put another way, what can we, as human beings, do to increase the good side of the polarity that exists within our current culture, … Read More

While I was in DC recently, I learned a valuable lesson: Doers realize that being open-minded helps them set big, audacious goals––and figure out how to accomplish them. This trip was a reminder that it is an incredible world we live in, and that there are amazing people and meaningful accomplishments going on all around … Read More

Today I want to introduce you to Lisa Curtis, founder of Kuli Kuli, a company that is improving nutrition in some of the world’s poorest areas through cultivation of a plant-based protein derived from the leaves of the Moringa tree. Rarely do you find a company with the societal (and social) impact of this company, especially with … Read More