I was fortunate enough to meet Chef Fabio Watanabe on a recent trip to Rio De Janeiro. He graduated from the prestigious Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland in 2010 and owns Caqui Bistro, as well as a wine bar and a food market along with other concerns just outside of San Paulo in Mogi das Cruzes, … Read More

Have you ever heard the saying, “Mother Nature makes everything stronger with a little stress?” I think Doers may naturally use stress to their advantage as a way to propel them toward greater things. So the next time a stressor hits, immediately ask yourself what opportunity is that stressor signaling you to do? A couple … Read More

Today, I’m doing something a little different. I wanted to share the story of an entrepreneur that touched my heart. I first spoke with Summer Germann of BraveGowns.com  about 3 years ago, and reached out to her again for an interview so that all you incredible and extraordinary Doers out there could hear her story and … Read More

“Doers” need to recognize the power of the ensemble. Kind of goes back to the fact that everyone is incredible and extraordinary in their own right, and the idea that you need to have a team that works well together. But also an ensemble where there is a diversity of talents, abilities, strategies, and tactics. … Read More

Happy and healthy 2018 to all you incredible and extraordinary individuals! I didn’t want to begin the year with a traditional blog full of predictions, even though it can be fun to ponder those. Instead, I wanted to write about something that has stuck with me over the last month or so, and that is … Read More