In my last blog I talked about you becoming the Bold and Courageous Disruptor, change agent, revolutionary (OK, I think you get my drift). We also reviewed why you are incredible and extraordinary and absolutely capable of anything you want to do and accomplish. 

Last week the World Economic Forum started their series of meetings from Davos to address major global business issues. CEOs from everywhere in the world paid a $180,000 fee, or so I’m told, to attend. I keep current with it through the World Economic Forum newsletter (which I recommend you get if you don’t already, as it’s very insightful in regard to global issues). During the sessions, I pay particular attention to the content coming out of this forum. 

I was almost aghast when I read one of the reports last week, and thought I should share it with you, although I am not an alarmist by nature. I do think it will give you yet another reason to become that Bold and Courageous Disruptor and agent of change that you’re capable of being — and reading the World Economic Forum’s global risks report is a great place to start.

Below is the headline and link that got my attention — and that I hope will get yours as well: The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risks Report ranks biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse as one of the top five threats humanity will face in the next ten years.

If this doesn’t make you stop and think about what Bold and Courageous acts you should be contemplating or how you can be a change-maker at your company, it should. (But then, there is plenty in the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risks Report to make you reflect why you should start becoming that individual or employee who always seems to come up with the crazy, harebrained schemes, some of which might actually work!)

Now you might say yes, I now realize I am incredible and extraordinary — but while I know that I love, say, cougars, and want to save them, I have no idea how to actually go about it. Well, I’d like to clue you in about a little tool you may have overlooked that I have been using for years — Google Alerts. 

Whatever the topic, the new business or the change I want to make in the world, I need to be knowledgeable and kept up to date. Google Alerts not only scans for all the articles, news report and blogs using my keywords — putting it right in front of me in an email — it continues to do so for as long as that keyword alert is set, not letting a topic I’m interested in fade from view. In fact, my first two hours of every morning is spent reading my Google Alerts and passing the appropriate articles on to others. That’s my own crazy way of becoming an ‘instant expert’!

So set your Google Alert to whatever subject has caught your interest and start learning as much as you can, and the pathway for you to make change will present itself. It will suddenly become clear what the next steps are that you should be taking — what organizations you want to join or what video podcasts you want to view or listen to. 

In that manner, you will be able to transform yourself into someone with a fresh, new perspective possessed by no one else in the industry, category or cause in which you’re involved. You’ll be amazed how this new viewpoint can help you to become a leader, even while people in long-established positions in institutions, organizations or non-profits remain stymied in their careers due to their having cumulative baggage that you don’t, causing their dreams, talents and aspirations to stagnate.

With this newly acquired perspective, you can be a lot more confident that you know what you’re going to do, and a lot more equipped to be Bold and Courageous in pursuing your goals, speaking your mind with the authority that knowledge conveys and sharing your fresh new view. That’s how change comes about in a big way.

It’s also how one day you, too, can be up on the stage in Davos talking about how you have made a difference and helped save the planet for both its present and future inhabitants.