I wrote a while back about the idea that Doers are the ones that ask questions—and never give up until they find the answers that lead to real solutions. It’s one of the things that separates Doers and makes them unique. So this week, I want you to consider the challenges of adding a digital culture to an existing business. Adding a digital arm can increase your success. Customers have come to expect such integration, but it’s not enough to simply give them a pretty website, businesses need to really think about what consumers want. Users today want a totally integrated experience.

I listened to an incredible podcast a while back about some of the changes the digital revolution has brought to the business community, and I thought you’d like to hear it, too. It’s not enough today to embrace the digitalization of business, we must begin to think about business in a different way, one that shifts the focus in a way that will not only adapt, but give a jumping off point for the next generation of business.

The podcast, [email protected] show on SiriusXM, featured MIT researcher Stephanie Woerner, who talked about the book she has written with colleague Peter Weill, What’s Your Digital Business Model? Six Questions to Help You Build the Next Generation Enterprise. Woerner and Weill advocate for a total rethinking of the way businesses interact with their customers, as well as reevaluating competitive strategies and looking for opportunities within the digital landscape, to give your business an advantage. She talks about everything from hiring of digitally savvy employees to building digital outreach across platforms to help integrate the experience consumers want.

By answering the six questions they ask in their book, Woerner and Weill might help you navigate the sometimes difficult addition of an integrated digital culture to your existing business. This insightful interview could also help you reach the level of user satisfaction you need to stay competitive. According to Woerner and Weill, it is indeed a Brave New World, but unlike Huxley’s novel, it’s one you’ll definitely want to be part of.